A Credit Score for Your Life

The Peer Support Whole Health Individual Performance Improvement Tool.

Unmatched Proprietary Security and Privacy to Protect Your Personal Information and Eliminate Mental Health Stigma

Daily Score

Receive your daily LifeScore based on 6 categories of input and receive support and resources when you need it the most.

Alert System

Alert your selected peers and clinicians when your score dips below 65 points and immediately receive the support you need.


Rest assured, you are in control of who you share your personal information with, and can revoke it easily at any time.

Predict Crisis Before Crisis Happens

In the next hour, we will lose another American Hero to Suicide.


Total VA and DoD Suicide Prevention funding in FY2020.

*An increase of almost $1B while suicides rose 30%


By 2030, the total of
veteran suicides will be 23 times higher than the number of post-9/11 combat deaths.


By 2030, veteran suicides will account for more than $221B in public costs.


Since 2006 there has been an 86% increase in suicide rate among male veterans 18-34 years old.

What's Your LifeScore?

Our simple interactive app allows users to securely and privately provide information on themselves daily based upon the following categories:

State of Mind
Crisis Support

If a LifeScore dips below 65 points, the LifeAid team and emergency contacts are alerted, and helpful resources are provided.

Positive Reinforcement

Receive congratulations, comments and thumbs-up from your social circle you’ve given access to help influence your LifeScore.

Strong Partnerships

Strong partnerships are grounded in common values and goals. In order to create the best, most comprehensive peer support, whole health individual performance improvement tool with proprietary security and privacy, it takes a strong team. This is a complex problem that needs a wide variety of assets and perspectives. Do you have an interest in joining our great team?

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